I went to see Gloria at a moment where I felt my life was falling into pieces. For a long time I had struggled with seeking much needed help, but Gloria’s relaxed, sympathetic and professional approach made me feel comfortable straight away. Gloria prepared a program of hypnotherapy sessions and counselling that have been truly life changing. From the first session, I felt I had a clearer mind and felt straight away calmer and much more in control of my feelings.  Gloria helped me to regain my long lost self-esteem, and helped me to approach my feelings without anger or guilt. With her help, I feel stronger, more in control of my feelings and I am steadily regaining a sense of true empowerment.  Her sessions have helped me to look at things from a different perspective and I can say that I feel much happier with myself. Thank you Gloria.

— Ch Martinez, Windsor

My mother approached Gloria as I was experiencing panic attacks, these were becoming a problem especially during exam time and in social occasions. I attended around 4 sessions of hypnotherapy followed by some sessions of mindfulness. I was very sceptical about seeking help but, I have to say, that Gloria’s relaxed, confident and very discreet approach made me feel completely at home straight away. Only after a couple of sessions, I felt a dramatic reduction on my panic attacks, which seem to have faded away.  Gloria has also helped me to learn how to deal with anxiety and general stress management during exam times and changes in my family. I would recommend her sessions to anyone needing to cope with stress and anxiety during difficult times.

— Beth, Windsor

“I would recommend Gloria very highly. She instantly puts you at ease when you meet her and within a very short space of time, you feel relaxed. Gloria knows what questions to ask to draw out the information she requires in order to help you with whatever problem or issue you want help with.”

— Lucy Gale

“Hypnotherapy was a new experience for me and I was slightly unsure what to expect. But Gloria explained the process thoroughly and made me feel at ease and I found the whole journey a very positive and beneficial experience.”

— Clare Brown

“I went to Gloria seeking help for my stress and anxiety disorder. I didn’t know what to expect from my first session but Gloria talked me through the process and made me feel confident in her abilities. I found the whole process to be fascinating and relaxing and I was completely aware of what was happening all the time. Hypnotherapy certainly isn’t anything to be afraid of. Each time I have come out of the session I feel light, refreshed and relived and more able to face challenges in a much calmer fashion. Gloria is a lovely open person whom I am able to speak to very naturally. I would highly recommend her.”

— LE, Berkshire

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