When you have a baby, there are no rule books. No one tells you how to be a parent, it is down to all of us to work out our own individual parenting style for ourselves. This is where we come in.

We are delighted to launch our 2017 parenting workshops covering a range of topics, as outlined below:

 Overcoming Behavioural difficulties

Parenting styles are usually determined, or heavily influenced by the way we, parents, were parented ourselves. However, the fast changes in modern life, particularly with the arrival of internet and social media, have made the previous ways of parenting no longer entirely appropriate or effective today. The parameters of parenting have changed and parents need more information and support to adapt.
This workshop is part of a series of forthcoming workshops designed to give parents and carers a better understanding of essential child psychology. The aim is to help make parenting a less stressful and more rewarding experience.
Workshop aimed at parents or carers of young children. Covering a range of behaviour issues such as:

We’ll cover:

  • All behaviour has meaning, including tantrums.
  • Effective communication matters.
  • Setting age appropriate boundaries.
  • Understanding the child developmental stage and the child’s needs and challenges.
  • Authority and respect – respect needs to be mutual.
  • The effective use of rewards.
  • Reframing “punishment”, understanding actions and consequences in an appropriate manner.

Who should attend:

Any parents, carers or teachers of young children wishing to understand child behaviour better and to get tips to better handle behavioural difficulties.


Time and venue to be confirmed


Spaces are limited to 10 people to avoid disappointment click on the button below to secure your spot.

If you can’t make the date above or don’t see a topic that you would be interested to learn more about, please email me at: gloria@mindinfocus.co.uk.

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