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Stress, Anxiety and Depression, how are they linked?

Normal Stress and Anxiety We all have moments of stress and anxiety at different times, and that is perfectly normal. Both stress and anxiety perform a valuable task of keeping us safe. They are part of our sophisticated survival mechanism. It is almost impossible to go through life without having experienced some stress or anxiety…

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Hypnotherapy for Healthy Weight Loss

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Treatment Hypnotherapy treatment for Healthy Weight Loss focuses on creating new, healthy, eating habits according to the body’s needs. The treatment is individually designed to make the changes in food choices easier because they become the person’s inner desires. It is also designed to increase the motivation for regular exercise, which is adapted…

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Hypnotherapy for Phobias: a Case Study

Phobia of motorway driving Jenny, a fifty-year-old nurse had developed in her late twenties a severe fear, to the point of phobia, of driving on the motorway. She was a competent driver happy to drive on any other roads. She was at ease driving on busy city roads, narrow country roads and even dual carriageways…

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