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Stress at Christmas

Is the thought of Christmas stressing you out?  Are you concerned about the expense? Do you worry about making all the preparations on time? Do you wonder how you will get through it when you might be stuck with people you don’t necessarily get on with? Perhaps, what was once a happy occasion, is now full of…

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Self-Care is a Necessity

Do you think self-care is a luxury? Too busy to take a needed break? Too many things to do to allow yourself to stop for short rest? Too many things or too many people depending on you? Do you assure yourself that you will stop when everything is done? When deep down you know that…

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Social Anxiety: Fear of Being Judged

Are you a socially anxious person? Are you bothered by what other people think of you? Are you self-conscious, not wanting to attract attention to yourself? Do you dread speaking in public? Do you hide the real you, because yo u think people would be disappointed if they saw your real self? Well, if that…

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