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Mental Health vs Mental Illness

With the welcome increase in mental health awareness,  we have now more opportunity to talk more openly about a subject that will affect all of us at one time or another in our lives. However, sometimes I still feel that there is some stigma attached to mental health issues.  I wonder whether people are put off by…

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Hypnotherapy for Phobias: a Case Study

Phobia of motorway driving Jenny, a fifty-year-old nurse had developed in her late twenties a severe fear, to the point of phobia, of driving on the motorway. She was a competent driver happy to drive on any other roads. She was at ease driving on busy city roads, narrow country roads and even dual carriageways…

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The Benefits of Dogs for Mental Health

How do dogs benefit mental health? Well, there is plenty of research demonstrating the benefits of dogs, and other pets, on many aspects of mental health. Dogs are particularly helpful because the provide routine and regular exercise to their owners. However, the list of beneficial effects is more extensive as you will see. Although I…

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