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Hypnotherapy for Healthy Weight Loss

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Treatment Hypnotherapy treatment for Healthy Weight Loss focuses on creating new, healthy, eating habits according to the body’s needs. The treatment is individually designed to make the changes in food choices easier because they become the person’s inner desires. It is also designed to increase the motivation for regular exercise, which is adapted […]


Mental Health vs Mental Illness

With the welcome increase in mental health awareness,  we have now more opportunity to talk more openly about a subject that will affect all of us at one time or another in our lives. However, sometimes I still feel that there is some stigma attached to mental health issues.  I wonder whether people are put off by […]


The Benefits of Dogs for Mental Health

How do dogs benefit mental health? Well, there is plenty of research demonstrating the benefits of dogs, and other pets, on many aspects of mental health. Dogs are particularly helpful because the provide routine and regular exercise to their owners. However, the list of beneficial effects is more extensive as you will see. Although I […]


What causes behaviour problems in children?

Dealing with child behavioural problems is a natural part of raising children. Children are not born with an instinctive knowledge of appropriate child behaviour. Therefore, all parents at some stage or another struggle with behaviour challenges, no matter how lovely or saintly their children are.  This is to be expected and it is usually a […]


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